Ray R. Roth grew up on a family vegetable farm in Cleveland Ohio. He moved to Belle Glade, Florida and began farming in the fall of 1948. He and his father Walter leased land from Wedgworth Farms, Inc. under the name ‘W.D. Roth and Son’ until 1962.

Roth Farms, Inc. was incorporated in 1962. Ray R. Roth was the owner, and they farmed mainly leased land. Roth had purchased land in 1955 adjacent to Sam Senter Road. In 1962, Roth Farms,Inc. purchased its second tract of land. The piece of land called ‘Gladeview’ was virgin soil in the Gladeview Drainage District along ‘old SR80’. In 1974, Roth Farms purchased land from Shorty Shiver, adjacent to the first tract. This tract is called ‘Shiver Land’. In 1981, Roth Farms purchased land from Gressinger and Sons in the Shawano Drainage District. This tract is called ‘Gressinger Land’. In 1995, Roth Farms purchased two more tracts, a tract west of Hatton Highway and north of SR80 called ‘Conway’, and a  tract west of the intersection of US98 and Streamline Road along US98 called ‘Ranch’.

Raymond R. Roth, Jr. joined the business after graduation from Emory University with a B.S. degree in Mathematics in 1976.

Crop Production History

Roth Farms, Inc. is a diversified sugar cane, vegetable, and rice operation in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Listed below is a chronological summary of our diversification in crop production:

  • 1948 — radishes, leafy vegetables, parsley
  • 1962 – added sugar cane.
    Roth Farms, Inc. is a founding member of Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative which harvested its first crop in 1962.
  • 1980 – harvested our first crop of rice. Roth was one of the first growers to grow rice as a cover crop.
  • 1987 – harvested our first crop of sod. Jim Paulk of ‘Lake Sod’ harvested and marketed our crop until 2001.
    ‘Roth Sod’ marketed our sod until we exited the sod industry in 2008.
  • 2000 – harvested our first sweet corn crop in joint venture partnership with JEM Farms, called JEM-ROTH.
  • 2005 – harvested our first green bean crop in joint venture partnership with JEM Farms, called JEM-ROTH.
  • 2007 – open state of the art packing house – Ray’s Heritage –
  • 2012 – harvested our first crop of celery.

Crop Rotation

Listed below is the current crop rotation plan for land we own:

  • Rotation plan: Sugar cane – vegetables—rice—sugar cane or
  • Sugar cane – vegetables – rice – vegetables –rice – sugar cane or
  • Sugar cane – sugar cane – vegetables – rice – sugar cane – vegetables — rice
  • Gladeview – Radishes, leafy vegetables, celery, sweet corn, green beans, sugar cane, rice.
  • Shiver Land – same as Gladeview
  • Gressinger Land — sugar cane, rice, sweet corn, green beans
  • Conway Land – same as Gressinger
  • Ranch — same as Gressinger